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Asus F556UQ Laptop Hard Drive – SSD Replacement


All I want to do is share my own experience. I’m no professional – far from it. I’m just an amateur who thinks it really should be possible for anyone with minimal know-how to replace a HDD with a SSD.

  • (Unfortunately most manufacturers seem to realise that now that SSD’s are affordable whether or not a laptop has one is a reason to pay a large premium, so my guess is that that’s why they make it ever harder to replace the built-in hard drive. This is no place to rant about this, though.)

Please be aware that you might void your laptop’s guarantee by following this guide! As always when doing hands-on repair work on a motherboard there’s a fair chance you might break something, so please be careful and at the very least take steps to avoid an ESD. I’m (of course) not responsible for any damages you do to your own device.

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