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After many years of intensive use, most of laptops begin to heavily overheat and also to become noisy, mainly due to dust and to a dried up thermal paste.

Take your time to manage correctly the task, there are many ways to break some components while doing this.

However it’s not as hard as it seems, in my mind everybody can manage successfully by taking a few simple precautions.

-Again, Take your time!

-Disconnect all power cables.

– Use a grounded wrist strap or touch a safely grounded object or a metal object, to avoid damaging the motherboard due to static electricity

-Be organized and do not mix the different types of screws. Reassembling a computer takes way more time. Feel free to take pictures when disassembling components which you don’t feel being able to reassemble correctly on your own.

This guide can be applied more generally on the Asus K/A and X series (K43, K53, A43, A53, X43, X53).

In addition, opening your laptop voids the warranty. Be careful.

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